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Customer Care

Refunds are not possible in a watersports business where the customer avails the activity and leaves , there are very few instances where refunds are possible

the possibilities for a refund are as follows

  1. There is something wrong with out equipment which makes it impossible to service your activity we provide a 100 percent Refund

  2. Natural Climatic conditions like heavy rain etc. during your slot entitles you to a 100 percent refund

  3. If the customer cannot make it in his slot due to any reason can reschedule his/her slot but cannot avail a refund

  • Customers are expected to not come in an inebriated state to the activity high on alcohol or drugs , we maintain the right to expel the customer on the spot without a refund

  • Customers should be upfront while booking if they have any physical ailments like surgeries etc in the immediate past and maintain transparency

  • Customers with HYDROPHOBIA or fear of heights should steer clear of booking for flyboarding as it involves heights and water

  • Slots are subject to availability and customers who want to plan slots should book well in advance as even 2 days before the activity slots are at a risk of being sold out 

Corporate Inquiries

Any Corporate bookings have to prebook a week in advance and can

whatsapp on +91 9082577697 to check for available offers

Payment Methods
Payment Methods

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